Can I Register Remixes Of My Compositions?

Register all remixes of your compositions as individual works.  If remixes of your original mix track have been released, you must register each remix as a separate, individual work in our system.   The Work Title should be indicated as “Song Name (DJ Awesome Remix).”

Sometimes or most of the time, the writer of the original mix composition retains their full share of any ensuing remix works.  But if a remix artist altered the composition of your original track enough so that you and the remixer have pre-agreed upon a % split in the ownership of that remix work, make sure you indicate your correct agreed upon % split.  (Remember, it would be that remix artist/songwriter’s responsibility to register his/her own share of the remix.  It’s not your responsibility to indicate his/her share.)

If you remixed another artist’s original track and you altered the composition enough so that you and the original artist agreed upon your own % split in the ownership of the musical composition, please register that work with us so that we can collect your share of those royalties.

If any changes are ever made to recording information of your works, please make sure you inform us about those changes, as changes in metadata will affect your royalty collection!


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