What Is Your Relationship With TuneCore For Pub Admin?

Symphonic Distribution is a proud partner of TuneCore's Music Publishing Administration and we’ve hired the brand to handle the administration for our service.

Our exclusive partnership with TuneCore Music Publishing Administration allows songwriters to leverage the ease of our systems combined with TuneCore’s extensive resources to collect the maximum royalties you deserve.

By going with Symphonic Distribution you will pay the same fee as you would with TuneCore ($75 to sign up and 10% deducted). The difference with going with us vs. going with TuneCore directly is you will only be opting into Publishing Administration and will not have to opt into and be exclusive to their Sync Licensing and/or YouTube Monetization and Content ID efforts.

The relationship with TuneCore is only in regards to Publishing Administration and does not involve Sync Licensing, YouTube Monetization and Content ID, and/or Digital Distribution.

To close, you WILL see "TuneCore Publishing" listed via your PRO, this is normal and that means that TuneCore, as our partner has successfully registered your works. If you have any questions, please create a ticket as opposed to contacting TuneCore as they will relay your inquiry for us to reach out anyway.

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  • THIS. THIS is why I am signing up with you guys. I have been doing research all night and I also just sent an e-mail to you guys but with some searching, I found an EXCELLENT description of your EXCELLENT deal in the specific issue. I am looking forward to work with y'all.

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