I already have an account with a PRO in my country, what now?

You will still be receiving your songwriter’s share of performance royalties directly to your home address from your PRO. (International Copyright Law protects songwriters so that they must by law receive 50 percent of the total performance royalties. their songwriter’s share, mailed directly from the PRO to the songwriter’s home address.)  

As your publishing administrator, we will be collecting the other 50 percent share (the publisher’s share of performance royalties), in addition to the full mechanical royalty share, and distributing it to you. Therefore, you should still keep your PRO login info on hand because you need to make sure you keep your PRO updated on your correct mailing address. But for now, you only need to register the songs with us on the Symphonic Management System (not directly with your PRO). We’ll register the songs you give to us with your PRO and all the other societies we collect from. You’ll get royalty checks from both your PRO and Symphonic, your publishing administrator.

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