Is my PRO my publisher?

No. They are a performing rights organization which reports to songwriters, publishers, and publishing administrators. Joining ASCAP/BMI is helplful but not enough. It’s only a small part of the publishing story, and your PRO is not your publisher. Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN and SESAC only collect one type of publishing royalty, called public performance royalties (hence why they are called Performance Rights Organizations).

1)  If you’re a writer member of your PRO, you’re currently only collecting the writer’s share – 50% of the total performance royalties.  We will collect for you the publisher’s share, the other 50% of the total performance royalties you’re not currently collecting.

2)  Next, we will be collecting much more than performance royalties – we’ll also be collecting a central type of royalty called mechanical royalties, which you earn every time your music is streamed on Spotify worldwide and every time your music is downloaded in territories outside of the USA.

3)  Not only that, we will be registering your songs not just with your home country PRO, but also in every single PRO in each of the 60 territories we collect from. Collecting money directly from each society allows us to collect the maximum amount, avoiding any extra splits taken from your royalties.

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