How do you collect songwriter royalties?

If you want to collect songwriter royalties on your own, you’ll want to first join a PRO. The PRO will claim to collect your performance royalties worldwide. But in reality, they have reciprocal agreements with each and every society in the major territories, and each society will take a percentage of commission before allocating it to your home society, after which your home society will also take a percentage commission before going to you. With Symphonic Publishing Administration, we have agreements with our partner societies in each major territory of the world (more than 60), thus avoiding the extra percentage cuts in your royalties.

In regards to mechanical royalties, songwriters should register with each and every mechanical collection society in the mechanical territories they are having significant download sales/streams in. But in some territories, including the U.S., individual, self-published songwriters cannot affiliate as a songwriter with the mechanical collection society due to certain society regulations (only publishers can). It’s a lot to get around, so we’ve made it easy on you by having a relationship with the mechanical collection societies directly and we can act as your publishing administrator to register your works and collect your rightfully-owed mechanical royalties.

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