From a publishing standpoint, what types of royalties exist?

Here’s a brief description of the main royalty types we’ll be collecting for you:

Mechanical Royalties – Digital downloads (outside of the USA), streaming services and physical products

Performance Royalties – Interactive and non-interactive streaming, radio plays, TV plays, live performance, downloads (outside of the USA)

Print – If your music is ever put to print (songbooks, physical and digital sheet music), you’ll earn royalties based on the sales.

Your publishing royalties are divided into two shares:

1) Publisher’s Share:  50% of performance royalties + 100% of mechanical royalties.  [What we collect for you from societies worldwide.]

2) Writer’s Share:  The “other” 50% of performance royalties.  [What you collect to your home address from your PRO.]

Obviously, most songwriters these days do not have a publisher and have no way of collecting the publisher’s share of their royalties – and that’s where we as your publishing administrator come in.  We will be collecting the publisher’s share of your publishing royalties.  By law, your writer’s share cannot be touched by another entity and must be sent directly to your home address.

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