We understand that you may have agreements with digital service providers and, thus, don’t force you to give up those agreements when you join. We are a non-exclusive distributor with a network of more than a hundred of online partners and our network is in constant growth.

Our agreements are non-exclusive in the sense that we do not own the content submitted to us. Our exclusivity clauses relate to distribution meaning the use of our service exclusively to deliver content to retailers under our agreement at one given time. We understand that there are situations where you may need to provide content directly to a provider or to other promotional avenues. If this is the case we ask that you provide us with a notice via our ticketing system so that we can omit the partnership from your account.

When you sign up with us, you have the choice to distribute your content to as many partners as you want. By distributing your music to a partner on our network you choose, we become the only distributor able to send your that specific work. If you have agreements with some of the partners we distribute, you may keep that relationship active and/or transfer the relationship over to us.

Beatport & EDM Partners

Beatport is an exception to many rules, labels are exclusive to Beatport, if your Symphonic account distributes to Beatport via a label account then you cannot use another distributor to distribute any content to Beatport.

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