Artist Distribution Costs.

Symphonic No longer offers an Artist Distribution Service.  The service was comprised of a one time $25 sign-up fee to join. In order to receive 100% of royalties, there was a per-release fee according to the number of tracks in an album or release, again while keeping 100% of their royalties.

The pricing was as follows: $10.99 for 1-5 tracks, $19.99 for 1-10 tracks, $29.99 for 1-15 tracks and $39.99 for 1- 20 tracks. If you are a current client under this service you will remain active and the charges above will apply. Changing to our new percentage option is subject to approval your account may or may not be eligible for this change. This article informs of the per release fees for current clients active on this service at this time. 




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