Music Distribution Partners, Regions, & Availability

What are partners?

Partners are the Digital Service Providers that manage online platforms where Symphonic distributes musical and video content like iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon. Most customers know them as music stores and streaming services, we refer to them as our partners or DSP's.

List of Partners

You can see our current full list of partners here.

Multi-Region Partners

In addition, many retailers and streaming providers are handled by what are called “White Label” providers. These providers handle many different retailer and streaming platforms thus we may distribute to one partner that handles 100+.  In the case of iTunes, they operate 111 territories with each, at times focusing and marketing different products thus, we do consider them to be unique "partners" as well.

White Label Partners

These are indirect partners of Symphonic, the reason they do not appear is that we do not send directly to them. They get their content via other partners, for example doesn't get content directly from Symphonic, they source it from 7Digital - so to get your content on you'd need to send to 7Digital and then it would be up to to curate and accept your content from 7Digital.

The partners that provide content to these indirect partners are called white label providers. A white label provider is a Digital Service Provider that handles multiple services under them. For example, 7Digital and Medianet are two White Label providers that power various streaming and download providers and thus, we list them on our system as the one delivery point. A white label provider is not considered a distribution company as Symphonic does not distribute material to any other distributors, we have direct deals with companies as well as white label providers that may power many other services under them.  More info on white label partners here.

Am I guaranteed to be on every partner?

Every partner we work with is different. Some need to approve your music before they add it to their store or streaming platform and others aren't really streaming providers or stores but rather, work like radio stations and focus on being curated experiences. A curated experience means that we'll deliver content and their team, whether it be human or algorithmic will preview and decide if the content will make it onto their platform.

At Symphonic we will work towards pitching your material to these platforms but ultimately it is up to them to get your material onto their platform.

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