What percentage do partners take?

The amount that partners make/keep is confidential to our agreements however, as a range, most of our partners keep 30 to 50 percent of the revenue before paying us, for us to then pay you.

Then, depending on the country of sale, they deduct additional percentages to collection societies (some listed below). For example, if your material sells in Germany, they take 10 percent to pay it to the collection society there.

If it’s in the U.K., they take 8 percent of the sales. It’s different for every territory and we don’t have a breakdown as to how much is taken out because partners do not provide that information.

In the U.S., they don’t take out additional percentages for mechanical transactions because here, mechanical transactions don’t work that way.

* PRS – UK/Ireland and Select European

* CELAS – Europe (EMI)

* PEDL (WCM) – Anglo-AM Content sold in Europe

* GEMA – Germany

* APRA – Australia/New Zealand

* SOCAN – Canada

* PAECOL (SONY/ATV) – Anglo-AM Content sold in Europe

* CSI – Canada

With that said, Traxsource, Beatport, and a few other partners pay us these royalties directly and bypass reporting to the organizations above.

Click here for more information about Royalties.

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