Bulk Splits

You have the option to edit splits for multiple tracks at the same time that have the same artists.

To access the bulk splits feature, navigate to the SplitShare > Payees page. 

Once you are on the Payees page, search for the payee that needs to have split sets and click “View”. 

Each payee page will show a grouping of artists on tracks that are eligible for bulk splits and the count of tracks that can be edited at the same time. 

Click “Bulk Edit.” This will open the bulk splits page for the group of artists on the track.

Once you’re on the page:

  • Click “Bulk input” to expand the section
  • Enter the splits 
  • Click “Input for all” to apply the to all relevant tracks
  • Click “Save” to update all tracks 



Once you click “Save,” you will be returned to the main payee page where you will see a notification about the number of tracks updated. 

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