Unenrolled participants in SplitShare recoupments

Unenrolled Participants

Some participants may have a warning icon next to their names. This indicates that the participant is not enrolled in SplitShare. Their shares will contribute to the recoupment balance, but their splits will not be paid out automatically via SplitShare when the recoupment ends. 

To enroll a participant, click the SplitShare Payees button. This will bring you to the SplitShare Payee page. Enter the Payee’s name and click View.

Once you are on the Payee’s page, click the Invite button.

This will prompt you to enter the email for the Payee to invite them to SplitShare. Once you click Enable, the invite will be sent. The Payee has 7 days to accept the invitation.

On the recoupment hub page, any participants with a pending invitation to enroll in SplitShare will have a yellow warning icon.

Once the invitation is accepted, the warning icon will disappear. 

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