Title Capitalization for a Release

This section applies to titles in English only.

 Title must be Title Capitalization which is where the first letter of each word is capitalized except for the following rules.

The following words must be in lower case, with a few exceptions:

  • a, an, and, as, but, for, from, nor, of, or, so, the, to, and yet.

  • Prepositions of four letters or fewer (at, by, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, onto, out, over, to, up, and with), except when the word is part of a verb phrase or is used as another part of speech (such as an adverb, adjective, noun, or verb).

For example:

  • In the Still of the Night

  • (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman

  • To Be, or Not to Be

  • The One and Only

  • God Willing & the Creek Don't Rise

  • Some Kind of Trouble

  • Love: And a Million Other Things

  • Journey: Greatest Hits

  • I Need a Doctor

  • Just the Way You Are

  • Waiting for the End

  • The Ballad of Mona Lisa

  • Lost in a Pair of Eyes

  • I Got The - Single

  • The Love I’m Searching For

Exceptions for Lowercase Words

Always capitalize the first and last word in a title. Capitalize the first and last word in parentheses. For example:

  • To Be, or Not to Be

  • What They're Looking For

  • War (What Is It Good For?)

  • (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman

These rules also apply for purposely misspelled words.

  • “In da House”

  • “Kill 'Em n' Grill 'Em”

  • “It's fo' Realz”

Uppercase Words in Title Case

Are, If, Is, It, Than, That, This


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