Signing Up For Sync Licensing

How does licensing submission work?

Any Symphonic distributed user can submit material to be considered for our Sync Licensing service.Our system provides the information and audio to supervisors for their consideration when working on pitches for whatever media they are associated with.Not every submission is approved but there are no fees or limits in terms of submitting works.Note: We will review your music for quality control purposes and also review your online presence.

How do I submit music for licensing?

Once your release is approved and delivered to Digital Service Providers:
  1. Go to the top navigation and find Distribute, then click View Releases.
  2. Find your release you want to license and click the Licensing icon.
Note: There will be some requirements you will need to provide such as your first and last name as well as ownership and songwriter CAE.
Can I submit for licensing if I'm not a Symphonic Distirbution client?

No, our Licensing department is only open to Digital Distribution clients.

Can I submit for licensing if I'm not with a PRO?

We can only submit your material through our Sync Licensing service to supervisors and Licensing partners if we have your:

  • Songwriter & ownership information
  • Performing Rights Organization CAE number

This information is essential for pitching your material. It ensures that you are compensated additional songwriter royalties (such as performance or writer shares) aside of any Sync Licensing advances that would come from using our service.

If you have never registered with a Performing Rights Organization such as BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC, we can help you with this. You can click here to sign up to our Publishing Administration service which will get your music registered across various societies and give you a CAE # that you can then use to submit your material for Sync Licensing.Note: Upon registration it may take 2 or 3 weeks for your CAE to arrive but you can create a ticket and/or search for your CAE via one of the databases below.

ASCAP - Click here
BMI - Click here
SESAC - Click Here

How much do licensing submissions cost?

There is no up front cost to get your music placed on TV shows, commercials, movies, and more. There is a 50% fee that we retain for all placements, however, we don't touch any of the royalties you would earn from the publishing side of your sync licensing placement.

We don't require you to give up any publishing rights and don't need you to be part of our Publishing Administration service for Sync Licensing. The only requirement is that you are a Digital Distribution client and the music is approved by our Sync Licensing department for placement.


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