Sample Packs

What are Sample Packs?

Sample Packs contain synth loops, synth patches, acappella tracks, drum loops (and much more), all one package, ready for construction. These packs are sold to consumers (typically producers) for one file and for one price.

Creating Sample Packs

Creating a valuable pack means that you have to format it appropriately. We recommend you read our Sample Pack Creation guide to understand what a pack entails, how you have to format it, requirements for, and more.

Download Sample Pack Creation Guide

Apply and Deliver Sample Packs

Symphonic distributes sample packs directly to consumers via a retail brand and further delivers content to for consideration. Each delivered pack is subject to our approval prior to distributing.

To submit a sample pack, you must be approved by us.

You can apply here.

If you are approved, you will receive an agreement that you will be required to sign and then receive access to the SymphonicMS, which is where you will be distributing Sample Packs as well as collecting payment.
Once you are approved, you will receive instructions on how to deliver your Sample Pack, please make sure you check your Junk / Spam email. Packs will be available for sale on the release date you provide for Symphonic For Production and then also, if you are not already distributed, to be distributed to


We pay out 70% of royalties for sample packs regardless of direct to consumer and/or to other outlets. The royalties are paid out via the (thus requiring everyone to have an account with us) and are reported at the same schedule of our royalty reports as we receive data and royalty reports from all partners at the same time.

Your royalties would be found on our SymphonicMS platform. Royalties are uploaded to the SymphonicMS according to this monthly schedule. Read this section here for more on royalties for services outside of distribution. For more on royalties in general, including tax questions, schedules, and more, please click here.

Buying Sample Packs

Symphonic has its own official Sample Pack Store to beef up your production.

Purchase Packs Here!

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