Sample Packs

What are Sample Packs?

Sample Packs are useful elements, tools, and resources that contribute towards a music producer's creative process. They contain synth patches, a capella tracks, drum loops (and much more), all one package, ready for construction.

Distributing Sample Packs

Symphonic only distributes sample packs on a case by case basis. Each are subject to our approval prior to distributing and we focus on Beatport Sounds as well as Native Instruments' We pay out 80% of royalties for sample packs. The royalties are paid out at the same schedule of our royalty reports as we receive data and royalty reports from all partners at the same time.

To submit a sample pack to Beatport Sounds and, you must be an approved label on Beatport but, you won't be required to have approval on We can only deliver content to that is delivered alongside the Beatport Sounds approval and process.

Once that is done, we recommend you read this Sample Pack Creation guide to understand what a pack entails, how you have to format it, and much more.

Once you have your pack prepared, please login to your account via the and go to Distribute> 'Sample Packs'.

What type of formats are accepted in a Sample Pack?

Sample packs vary from partner to partner. Typically, the formats that are accepted and contained within a Sample Pack are below.

  • .wav
  • .aiff
  • MIDI
  • Apple Loops
  • REX Files
  • Maschine Kits
  • Ableton Templates
  • Logic Channel Strip Templates
  • Kontakt Sampler Banks
  • EXS Sampler Banks
  • Software Synthesizer Presets
  • Hardware Synthesizer Presets

What are the different styles of Sample Packs?

Symphonic Typically distributes three different types of Sample Packs:

Genre / Artist / Label-Based: These Sample Packs tend to encompass an entire genre or style, and contain a mix of drum, bass, synth, and FX Samples.

Utilitarian: These packs have a laser focus on a certain element of a genre, such as “Tech House Top Loops” or “Trap Bass Lines.” These packs provide more advanced users with the tools they are looking for in a smaller, more usable package

Construction Kits, or “Song Starters”: These are full song ideas contained in one folder. This typically includes all of the individual elements and prior setup needed to create a song such as instruments, effects, samples, loops, and full length stems. Think of it as a quick “get up and go” alternative to all of the preparation that is usually required to create a beat.

Sample pack royalties

Your royalties would be found on our SymphonicMS platform. Royalties are uploaded to the SymphonicMS according to this monthly schedule. Read this section here for more on royalties for services outside of distribution. For more on royalties in general, including tax questions, schedules, and more, please click here.

Terms & Conditions

For Sample Pack Distribution terms and conditions click here. We cannot stress enough the importance of originality. Do not use samples you have received off other packs and be original!

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