Q2'17 Statement Notice

We have now uploaded the Q2'17 royalty statements. With that said some important notes and updates for you to review alongside of your statement.

Month Column
We have now added a month column to the royalty report. This is available by exporting the report and in the future, will be available under the Sales Summary for you to have better transparency over when a sale or stream occurred. With that said, any partner that reports quarterly, we will revert to the last month of that given quarter. (For example, Beatport may show up as "June" even though sales occurred throughout the Q217 quarter).

Payment After Request (What to expect)
Please understand that when you request payment, we have to validate the request, check tax details, and other aspects. The process is manual because of our system checks thus, your payment may take 1-3 business days to complete. Further, any request made on a Saturday or Sunday will not be attended to until the Monday following the weekend.

Additional Enhancements - Monthly reporting etc...
We're working hard on some new system enhancements that will see improvements on the Daily Estimates as well as the Sales Summary and other reporting. It is taking longer than we've hoped because we want to ensure aspects are correct. Further, we will be aiming towards providing Monthly reporting and payments in the near future to cover a lot of the partners we deal with. As soon as we have news, we will advise but we hear your requests and want to assure you that we're on it.

Reporting Delays by Partners
The following partners did not report a particular month or months and thus, the reporting will be added to the Q317 report. We do the best we can to get royalty statements before our deadline and it is beyond our control when a partner pays. Further, we often advance payments to clients before we have received, especially in the case of Spotify, Pandora, and others. We will be disclosing this every time we report for further transparency and you can expect to see these statements in Q317 and beyond.

Digitally Imported - June is not included
Electric Jukebox - May and June is not included
eMusic - Q316 all the way through Q217 has not been paid or reported.
KK Box - June is not included
Napster - June is not included
Neighboring Rights - Q117 through Q217 is not included.
Physical Distribution - November 2016 through June 2017 is not included.
Saavn - June is not included
Sirius XM - May and June is not included
Slacker - June is not included.
Soundcloud - June is not included.
Trackitdown - May and June is not included
VEVO - June is not included

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