YouTube Optimization

The YouTube Optimization service is a marketing service provided by Symphonic to enhance all aspects of your YouTube channel and videos by giving your YouTube channel a professional look and feel based around your personal brand.

To accomplish this Symphonic will analyze your overall brand, content, and KPI’s based on your YouTube channel, website, social media presence to develop a custom strategy that fits your needs and increases your videos visibility.

This service includes:

  • Channel Branding Optimization
    • Based on the information you provide, we will optimize the branding of your channel by adding your Bio to the About Section, linking your Social Media accounts, adding Featured Channels to your channel homepage, and adding a Watermark to all of your videos.
  • Advanced Keyword Research
    • We will perform advanced keyword research techniques to find out what topics people are searching for when finding your videos, and those of similar variety.
  • Tagging & Category Creation
    • Based on the keyword research we will come up with 10-15 keywords about your video and channel that give YouTube the information it needs for optimized discoverability.
  • Advanced YouTube Analytics Analysis
    • We will do a comprehensive analysis of your channel’s Analytics in order to gain valuable insight about how your videos currently perform.
  • Asset Creation
    • We provide quality, original assets for your channel. Our highly skilled graphic designers have extensive experience in creating icons, banners, and other assets to enhance the overall brand for many artists and labels.
  • Advanced Brand Analysis
    • We will spend time understanding your overall brand based on your YouTube channel, website, social media accounts, and any other resources you provide. From there, we are able to begin the re-branding process of your channel.
  • A Customized End-of-Service Report
    • Upon the completion of optimizing your channel, we will provide you with a custom report including before and after screenshots showing the improvement of your channel and key analytics. We will also provide you with our YouTube Best Practices Guide so that you may continue to manage your channel effectively.

How much does it cost?

YouTube Optimization is a quote-based service, when you contact Symphonic and provide us with details on your current YouTube channel we will review the project details and contact you with a quote within 5 business days.

How long will the service take?
Dependent on how many videos your channel has, you can expect the service to be completed in 3-4 weeks.

Why choose our YouTube Optimization Service?
Unlike most YouTube optimization services out there, we have a unique and tailored approach to YouTube optimization that is specifically targeted for Artists and Music Labels. Since our core business revolves around music distribution, this gives us an enhanced ability to understand your needs and goals.

How do I start?
Click here to request your quote and our Optimization Specialist will contact you within 5 business days.

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