Q3'17 Statement Notice

We have now uploaded the Q3'17 royalty statements. With that said some important notes and updates for you to review alongside of your statement.

Important notes from our team:
-Please ensure your tax and payment details are correct.
-Please allow up to 72 hours during business hours for your payment to be processed.
-No payment is sent on the weekend. We only send Monday through Friday.
-Any other questions and/or confusion based on the below, please create a ticket.
-Please ensure your email address on your account is correct, we may reach out with questions.

Payment After Request (What to expect)
Please understand that when payment is requested, we have to validate the request, check tax details, and other aspects prior to issuing payment.

This report covers:
All sales and streams reported from July through September except for those that didn't report that we've listed below. If you had a release that came out after these dates then please expect royalties to be listed on the next reporting period.

Notable Report Updates
-Pandora is now separated to show you what the Subscription product brought in vs. their Radio product. This will be shown as this going forth.

-Soundcloud has been separated to show you what the subscription product brought revenue wise vs. their monetization based product. This is a client request to understand what is driving revenue on the platform.

-Trackitdown - They were previously delayed but have caught up reporting thus, this report includes May (from Q2'17) all the way through September.

-Beatport - We are now including the month that the transaction occurred in for Beatport, Beatport Sounds, Beatport Mixes, STEMS, and Mechanicals. Previously we were reporting the last month of the quarter since that is when we received report and payment.

-Beatport Mechanicals are now paid within the existing quarter. Previously, because we receive payment separately from the quarterly statement, we were including the previous quarters' mechanicals but, we've decided to advance this and report it for your convenience.

-Express In Music report data is for Q2 and Q3. On the "Month" column, because they do not provide a day or month for us to label when a stream occurred, we're going by the last month of the quarter thus, for Express In Music, the month for Q2'17 is June and for Q3'17 it is September.

Reporting Delays by Partners
Each and every reporting period, Symphonic works tirelessly to gather data from partners. We often, in most cases than not, advance funds to each and every record label and artist before we receive a dime. The following partners did not report a particular month or months and thus, the reporting will be added to the Q417 report and beyond. We do the best we can to get royalty statements before our deadline and it is beyond our control when a partner pays and reports. We will be disclosing this every time we report for further transparency and you can expect to see these statements in Q4'17 and/or when a partner reports and finally pays us.

-Napster - June through August
-KK Box - Reported through August
-Slacker - June through August
-Saavn - June through August
-Akazoo - July through August
-United Media Agency - July through August
-Sirius XM - May through July
-Deezer - July through August
-Electric Jukebox - May through August
-Digitally Imported - June and July only
-Anghami - July and August only
-VEVO - June through August
-Soundcloud - June and July only

-Pulselocker - Only through August (Unfortunately, the service nounced that they will be shutting down. We will report whatever final royalties we receive whenever we do receive.)

-eMusic - We continue to have issues with them in regards to non payment thus, their reporting is not included. Until they work out their issues in terms of funding and having funds to pay us and other distributors, we cannot report or show any of their data. (This is for Q3’16 through all of 2017).

-Neighboring Rights - This report includes revenue through March 2017 only. We have yet to receive data for Q2'17 and Q3'17. We will have Q2'17 for the next report and hopefully the societies report Q3'17 in time for the Q4'17 posting.

-Physical Distribution - We're currently awaiting data to report to the partners that partook in this service.

Month Column
As of Q2'17, we have added a month column to the royalty report. This is available by exporting the report and in the future, will be available under the Sales Summary for you to have better transparency over when a sale or stream occurred. With that said, any partner that reports quarterly, we will revert to the last month of that given quarter.

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