Release Cover Design Overview

Your purchase includes:

- Single sided digital release cover only (3000px x 3000px @ 300dpi)
- 1 concept/idea *
- Up to 3 drafts (series of changes) **
- 5-7 business day turnaround time

* A concept consists of the initial idea of the look and feel of the release cover (ex. a geometric shape over a natural landscape). Once a concept has been decided upon, there cannot be any changing of the overall idea/concept of the cover. If an entire new concept is wanted after the first concept has already been created and delivered to the client, another release cover will have to be purchased.

** A draft consists of a series of revisions/changes that the client wants on the release cover after its first initial delivery. This can include but is not limited to: an artist name or title change, image change, changing of color, tweaking/manipulation of graphics or basically any slight change that is needed or wanted on the release cover. More than one change/revision can be asked of the designer for each draft so it is best to provide all the changes wanted after the initial release cover is delivered. The first completed concept of the release cover that is sent to the client is NOT considered the first draft. If the client is not pleased with the product after the third draft is delivered, all of the native files from which the release cover was created will be sent to the client and they can do as they please with it after that. If a release cover design is in production we cannot refund your payment.

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