Takedowns (Requested by you)

The following clause is taken from our Distribution agreement and this Help Center topic is created with the intention of translating our agreement in a way that can further be understood.

Takedowns (Voluntary and Involuntary).
Should Symphonic have to perform a Takedown for copyright infringement or any other client request, the following will apply.

Copyright Infringement Takedown: Client agrees that in the event a takedown request from a partner to Symphonic occurs due to a copyright infringement notice, Symphonic will charge a $20 fee per track. Further, in the event a takedown occurs due to violation based on Client’s actions, omissions or violation, including infringement on another’s intellectual property (a “Claim”), Client further agrees to reimburse Symphonic for attorneys’ and/or other miscellaneous legal fees and any fine or settlement resulting from such incident. A Claim under this paragraph is also subject to paragraph L.

Voluntary Takedown: Client agrees to pay Symphonic for any takedown request they make. Takedowns may relate to file replacements, incorrect metadata, miscellaneous errors, infringement, and/or any other situation raised by the client. There is currently no enforced processing fee for takedowns of content, however Symphonic reserves the right to charge takedown fees under certain circumstances. All requests are to be submitted through SymphonicMS.

Explanation: We impose fees for any copyright infringement related takedowns and further have fees per track per takedown but are only currently enforcing the copyright infringement fees and not the other thus, you won't expect to get charged and if any fees do occur you will see them directly via the Symphonic MS.

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