Release Updates (Requests by you to Update)

The following clause is taken from our Distribution agreement and this Help Center topic is created with the intention of translating our agreement in a way that can further be understood.

Updates (Redelivery, Mistakes, File Replacements): Client should use reasonable efforts to ensure that its material is correct and final prior to delivering to our Distribution Department for approval and delivery to Partners. Changes / Errors that are to be requested to be updated may be subject to a $5 processing fee, per request. Requests are to be submitted via the Symphonic Distribution Management System (“SymphonicMS”). Client must not reach out to any Partner directly. Symphonic cannot guarantee that a Partner will acknowledge and/or agree to any requested Change / Error. Client agrees to provide Symphonic with replacement audio files if requested for purposes of re-delivery. After a period of 1-year, Symphonic re-assesses all Client Content. Upon expiration of one year and assessment, Symphonic may no longer continue to host Client Content, and/or may ask for updated, replacement files from Client. Symphonic shall inform Client within a reasonable time of any Client Content it no longer hosts and subsequently, the Term for exploiting Client Content will terminate as to that Content.

Explanation: Mistakes happen from time to time. This clause of our agreement states any potential fees that may be charged to you for updates that you need to make. Updates such as an unmastered file, incorrect artist name and much more would fall under this. They can additionally be requested via support help desk ticket and/or through our Symphonic Management system.

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