Modifications by Symphonic/Partners

The following clause is taken from our Distribution agreement and this Help Center topic is created with the intention of translating our agreement in a way that can further be understood.

Modifications by Symphonic
: In some instances, Symphonic may need to make minor modifications to Client Content, such as to add or remove a logo or text featured within Client Content. In some instances, Symphonic may identify potential issues related to intellectual property infringement, or may identify content that breaches Partner standards, requiring modification. Client agrees that Symphonic is entitled to make reasonable modifications in its discretion and holds Symphonic harmless as to these modifications.

Modifications by Partners: Partners receiving releases from Symphonic may modify a genre, label or artist name, release name, and/or anything else relating to the release if in their reasonable business judgment they feel the need to do so. Symphonic will distribute your material “As Is,” subject to minor modifications outlined above. Client understands that “As Is” means that the Content delivered to Symphonic is delivered to Partners in substantially the same form.

Explanation: Symphonic reviews every piece of content that is submitted. If it is not in spec or there are issues that partners of ours tell us to not submit, we will modify on your behalf and potentially reach out to you if it is a major change to the release. We have to conform to particular rules and regulations imposed by the partners we distribute music to.

The same can be said for the "Partners". If we supply music and they feel it should be modified, then it can be. Often times, any modification made by us or the partner is not detrimental and often helps the release and the label and artist be better represented.

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