How to get on Symphonic Spotify Playlists

Spotify has become one of the leading streaming providers in the industry and is showing no signs of stopping! We’ve decided to give the platform some love by creating playlists featuring distributed music by some of the best undiscovered artists rising up the ranks, from House to Reggae to Breaks & Hip Hop. You have two methods for pitching to Symphonic.

Method 1

The first is that you can simply go to our official Spotify Playlists webpage on our site, located here. You will have the ability to either listen to or pitch directly from our site.

Method 2

  1. Check out our playlists on Spotify to get acquainted with what we feature.
  2. Make sure to follow these to increase your chances in getting added to them.
  3. To pitch your playlist - Click "Download" on this page.

Then what?

We will review, consider and potentially add to our playlists and promote you in them! Once added, make sure to share these in your social media networks and encourage friends and fans to follow them as well. The more traction we get for the playlists, the better your chances of your music getting played are. Not to mention, it also improves its ranking for other Spotify users to discover you, too.

Don’t forget to give your Spotify account some love!

Learn how to get verified, latest tools and MORE through our best practices post.


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